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Press release about the ongoing summoning of media men to Military Prosecution

June 27, 2011 by   ·   1 comment

Freedom of opinion and expression
National Coalition For Freedom Of Media

National Coalition for Freedom of Media assures that there’s no reason to summon journalists and media men to Military Prosecution for evidences or investigations concerning any criticism against The Supreme Council of Armed Forces, which is assuming power during the current transition period. No authority, including the political elected or transition power, is immune against criticism or opposition according to the referendum declaration that the Military Council has issued and according to the relevant laws.

The Coalition makes clear in a press release today that the ongoing summoning of journalists and media men to Military Prosecution for their published or broadcast reports criticizing the politics of the military council not only threats the principles of freedom of media and the legal guarantees for practicing the profession, but also arises the inquiry about the authorities that the Military Council should be bound to under the law it had issued. It is worth mention that the Military Council is carrying out investigations and prosecutions not pertaining to its authorities. It is not acceptable that the summoning of journalists to military prosecution during the past regime was bound only to charges related to publication of military news, while now in the era of the revolution the charges expand to include the political opinions and comments although the Military Council has pledged to support the revolution and realize its goals specially freedom of opinion and expression through all media.

The National Coalition for Freedom Of  Media called in its press release, that The Military Judiciary has  to stop summoning  the journalists and media professionals on issues of publication  and opinion unless it is directly connected to disclose the secrets of the defense or the  national security of  Egypt, also the  coalition  requested The Supreme Council Of  The Armed Forces to work for  amending  the  rubber formulation in the law No. 14 of 1967 on banning  the publication of any news related to the armed forces, which criminalizes the publication and dissemination of  “all aspects related to the strategic and military concerns” only after obtaining  a written approval of the military intelligence, and that what constitutes Impediments freedom of  media, creativity and thought.

The National Coalition for Media Freedom was founded in April as a framework to coordinate the efforts of democratic human rights organizations, research organizations and activists in the various fields of media development.

  1. Ali el Masri says:

    The Egyptian military counsel must join the revolution, ans stop acting as Mubarak´s hires !