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Appointing Minister of Information is a step backward

July 10, 2011 by   ·   No comment
Cairo on July 10, 2011

National Coalition for Media Freedom Announced today its estimate refusing to the decision of Prime Minister, Dr. Essam Sharaf for appointing a Minister of Information as a step backwards with the liberalization of media policy and independence from the executive power, stressing that the Ministry of Information exists only in totalitarian states and dictatorships.

The Coalition surprised the undo for the move to cancel the Ministry of Information, which took place at the beginning of the revolution and won applause and support of the political forces, and also the different Egyptian workers in the field of media, pointing out that the coalition issued last May “Declaration of media freedom”, which included an article that stresses on the need to cancel all of the Ministry of Information and the Supreme Council for Press, and replacing them with the Council of Independent Media by senior professionals, specialists and public figures. This declaration have been sent to the Prime Minister with a request for a meeting to talk about how to activate the provisions of the Declaration of the dozens of activists, journalists and civil society organizations concerned with media freedom and expression which had no respond until now.

National Coalition for Media Freedom said, that his refusal of appointing the Minister of Information does not base on a personal critic, and that if the caretaker government was truly serious in restructuring the Egyptian media on base of independence and professionalism that would go in one of two ways:

The first: is to study the many proposals made by various media organizations.

The second: is to follow the lead of the interim transitional government in Tunisia, which formed a specialized committee of experts to study ways to develop the media and restructuring.

Also the coalition requested the government of Dr. Sharaf to overlap the mistake, which occurred through the formation of specialized committees, to discuss how to develop the Egyptian media and listening to the opinions of specialists, workers in the field of media, journalists’ unions and media-men to reach a democratic formula guarantees the right of citizens i free and responsible media.