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Tomorrow’s seminar “Challenges of Democratic Transition for Radio and T.V”

July 24, 2011 by   ·   No comment

the National Coalition For Media will hold a seminar entitled: “Challenges of Democratic Transition for Radio and T.V” On Tuesday evening 25Jul. 2011, In Umaia Hotel, the 26th. of July St., Cairo Downtown. (at the upper floor of Al- Americeen Café, entrance of Oriental Weavers).

Speakers at the seminar all of:
“Hussein Abdel Ghani, Media Professional”, “Gamila Ismail, Media Professional”, “Dr. Ibrahim Al-Hammad, media professor at Cairo University”, and moderator of the seminar “Mr. Ragaee Al-Merghany, general coordinator of the coalition”.

The seminar will discuss ways, programs and policies necessary for developing Radio and T.V on the basis of independence from sources of guidance and domination, and the development of its ability to self-management and adherence to standards of efficiency and professionalism.