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National Coalition for the Freedom of Information announces the issuance of the press manual for professional parliamentary elections coverage

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Cairo, 26 November, 2011

The National Coalition for the Freedom of Information announces the issuance of the training manual, prepared for journalists and media workers, particularly those working in national newspapers. It defines the guarantees of fair coverage of elections and disciplines, and the role of media in coverage, awareness and monitoring the elections , contributing in presenting fair press coverage and writing objective reports that reflect truthfully on the progress of the first elections held after the success of the revolution 25 Jan .

One of the most important guarantees of impartial electoral process taking place in the country is a neutral media between candidates on different political affiliations and fair coverage ; democratic atmosphere only exists with the role of press and media in awareness , monitoring and displaying the various programs of candidates without bias towards any of the parties. Moreover, the national newspapers bear this responsibility even more because it belongs to the people and should work in their favor, without bias to any party or political faction.

The booklet includes a special part on the legal framework of the electoral process, especially the electoral publicity campaigns and the legal materials organized by the law of political rights, law of parties and law of people Assembly and Shura Council and the decisions of the Supreme Committee for Elections.

The booklet consists of 50 pages to define newspapers and the ethics which it must adhere to during the coverage of the electoral process and publicity campaigns of the candidates. Its subjects were divided as follows:

  • Fair coverage of elections
  • National newspapers and the culture of democracy
  • The most important information to be provided by the press coverage of elections
  • Monitoring the elections
  • Standards and regulations for fair coverage of elections
  • The road to fair press coverage
  • The duties of journalist in election coverage
  • Precautions should be avoided
  • The legal framework for the electoral process


You can get a printed copy of the booklet, from the headquarters of ANHRI:
10 El Alaoui, off Kasr El Nil Street – behind the central bank – Flat 5


To obtain PDF copy of the guide , click on the following link :