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One World Foundation Launches Free Access to Information Program in 27 Egyptian Governorates

August 10, 2014 by   ·   No comment

In the framework of its  programs and activities extended in support of integrity, transparency and, One World foundation for Development launched the program of free access to information that is implemented in collaboration with Transparency International, the program aims to pass access to information . the program aims to raise  awareness of people on the   importance of this right in the areas of health and education as the most important and influential issues in their lives , activities of this  program will be implemented in the 27 governorates of the country,  where One world signed a protocol of cooperation with the associations in the 27 governorate, one association in each governorates, so as to facilitate continuous coordination throughout the period of implementation of program activities in the governorate s.


One  world foundation  also launched a campaign of “free access to  information” which comes in the framework of the activities of the program in order to promote and raise community awareness of the importance of the access to information  in health and education sectors, a campaign includes national media of all types in the different governorates in addition to social media.

It will also produce a theater play  and educational films about the importance of access to information, the campaign will also work on festivals of information day includes awareness sessions, presentations and case studies, as well as theater performances, workshops on technical writing and cartoons about the importance of access to information.


One world will establish a network of volunteers in all Egyptian governorates, and will train and provide them with skills to hold meetings to educate citizens of the importance of access to information in the health and education sectors and the risks and disadvantages of lack of access to basic information that affect the lives of citizens directly.

Activities also an advocacy campaign and lobbying targeting political parties in Egypt and members of parliament to put the Law of access  information on the legislative agenda, as well as the concerned ministers, governors and senior local officials to unite efforts to pave the way  for government departments to deal with this  right.

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