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“Media Freedom”: New Rights and Civil Liberties Initiative

June 12, 2012 by   ·   No comment

The National Coalition for Media Freedom launches the proposed
constitutional articles initiative to ensure civil rights and
liberties in the new constitution on Thursday 14/6/2011 afternoon in
the Lawyers Syndicate.

The initiative, titled “Freedom is the origin”, includes 25 proposed
constitutional articles that form the basic freedoms system and civil
rights which embody January 25 revolution’s aspirations and consistent
with the provisions and standards of international human right.

Rajaei al-Merghani; the coalition general coordinator, declared that
the coordinating committee of the coalition approved the document
“Freedom is the Origin” out of the coherence and interdependence
between the media freedoms and other forms of freedom as the
individual and public ones which provide them with the reasons for
cohesion and protection.

Al-Merghani confirmed that he had and will support drafting a national
democratic constitution that reflects the consensus of all sects on
the basis of a civil state which is a main entitlement that guarantees
the end of many images of chaos, division and aggression on the
citizens political and social rights.

Al-Merghani expressed his hope that the initiative will contribute to
enrich the desired societal dialogue about guarantees of liberty in
the new social contract and to be of help to the constitutional
legislator to accomplish this important task in a way that meets
people’s aspirations and goals of the revolution.